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STUDY IN QUEBEC CANADA JANUARY | FEBRUARY | MARCH 2019 INTAKE IELTS 6 BANDS REQUIRED : STUDY IN MONTREAL 1. Studying in Montreal allows you to live in the second largest Canadian city, and the largest in the province of Quebec. Montreal is the hub of education, finance, transport, fashion and socio-cultural activities of Quebec. Each year, more than 40, 000 students from different countries choose to study in Quebec. 2. Montreal has lower cost of living for international students and expatriates in comparison to its other Metro counterparts like Toronto and Vancouver. 3. Most of the residents of Montreal are bi-lingual (English and French), whereas residents of Downtown Montreal converse in multiple languages, thereby enabling the students to adjust relatively quickly and easily. Also most of the Colleges in Quebec provide higher education in English language. 4. Montreal currently has 20, 000 jobs to offer against 16, 000 in the whole of Ontario. Montreal has witnessed a 2.7% increase in IT jobs, with an average salary of around $73, 000 CAD. 5. International students are eligible for 36% Tax Rebate at the end of the financial year in comparison to the Canadian average of 25%. 6. Almost all the Colleges in Montreal and Quebec are eligible for a 3 Year Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) that allows the students to fulfill their professional criteria for filing their Permanent Residence. 7. India is one of those 36 countries that have social security agreements with Quebec under which it is possible to apply for a pension or obtain a certificate of coverage. 8. Many international students who come to study in Quebec eventually become permanent residents of Canada through the Quebec Experience Class, or PEQ. This program operates a stream dedicated to providing international students in Quebec with the opportunity to build their lives and careers in Quebec. Indeed, this is one of the most straightforward pathways for international students to immigrate to Canada permanently, as it does not require individuals to reach a point threshold and/or receive an invitation to apply. Population : 4.1 Million (As of 2016; 2nd Largest Metropolitan City in Canada after Toronto, Largest in Quebec) Location : Southwest Quebec; Confluence of St. Lawrence River and Ottawa River Economy : CAD $118.7 Billion (As of 2014. Accounts for 33% of Quebec province’s economy). Ranked 13th in Global Financial Centers Index Key Industries : Commerce, Aerospace, Transport, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Design, Art, Tourism, Fashion, Gaming, Film and Food Key Rankings 1. 12th Most Live-able City in the world (Economist Intelligence Unit) 2. Best City in the World for a University Student (QS World University Rankings) 3. Second highest number of Consulates in North America Education With four universities, seven other degree-awarding institutions, and 12 CEGEPs in an 8-kilometre radius, Montreal has the highest concentration of post-secondary students of all major cities in North America (4.38 students per 100 residents) We hope that the aforementioned points assist you in your decision to choose Quebec as your destination to pursue higher studies in Canada. I would request you to please send me the complete application to access/process in the following format in a single PDF file: 1. Application form (Filled in Typed format but with original Signatures) 2. IELTS score/IELTS exam registration 3. Provisional Certificate/Degree certificate 4. Backlog Summary (If any) 5. Bachelors Mark sheet (Decreasing Order) 6. 12th Grade Mark sheet 7. 10th Grade Mark sheet 8. Passport Copy For Complete details and free registration Sent your academic for assessment via email - offer@kumardirect.com R egister today - Call +919824478400 or Visit GF 54/57 Avishkar Complex - Old Padra Road - Near Vidhyutnagar Nagar - Vadodara

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