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KumarDirect is an internationally recognized education consultancy and agency. We take pride in providing students with an expert, experienced consultation, placement advice thus meeting our client transfer requirements making it the very reason why every year a large number of students choose KumarDirect to assist them in realizing their ambitions of a global education.

To stand as an effective, innovative and trustworthy channel to support the entry and success of international students into Australia, New Zealand, Canada , Europe & USA.

KumarDirect, its team of highly qualified professionals and its gamut of tailor-made programs are dedicated to excellence when it comes to customer and student services. It is your right to expect personalized, prompt, and reliable services through every interaction with us

Knowledge is our currency and we seek to give every student of KumarDirect this currency to transact successfully in today’s academic and professional world.

To remain market leader through Consistent delivery of quality, ethical and professionally sound service to its clients ,students, education partners and government agencies.

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