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Study in Mauritius - PAY AFTER VISA - USD 3000 ONLY

Mauritius is one of the best places in for pursuing a full-fledged academic course. It offers a wide range of courses to suit your needs and provides with unequaled opportunities. Mauritian Creole, French and English are mostly spoken on the island. While English is the only official language.


· Mauritius is a religiously diverse nation
· 20 hrs./week Part-time work 
· No additional Exams for admission
· Enjoy World Famous beaches while studying.
· Over 700 courses in different fields Available 
· No advance payment before Visa
· Job Opportunities and Global Exposure
· Fast Track Visa system available here
· Living Cost from 250 $ monthly

What We Offer | Courses | Business |
Level 3 Diploma in Business 
Level 4 Diploma in Business 
Level 5 Diploma in Business
Level 7 Diploma in Business Management

Level 3 Diploma in Computing 
Level 4 Diploma in Computing
Level 4 Diploma in Business IT
Level 5 Diploma in Computing
Level 5 Diploma in Business IT

Total Fees Only: 3000 USD for 1 Year

Fees Includes:
- 1 Year Tuition Fees
- Medical Charges at Mauritius
- Exam Fees

For Offer Letter:-
➢ Passport Front & Back
➢ All Academic Documents 
➢ Photo (With White Background) 
➢ College Application Form

For Visa Application:-
➢ Signed Offer Letter 
➢ Signed Visa Application Form
➢ Medical Certificate (Chest X-Ray & HIV)(Optional)
➢ Bank Balance Certificate(One day old 5000 - 5500 USD) 
➢ Bank Statement of Last Three Months 
➢ Student Accommodation Form

Step By Step Process:
Step 1: Collect Educational documents, Passport copy 
Step 2: Offer Letter
Step 3: Submitted all required documents as per check list
Step 4: File submit to PIO (2 week)
Step 5: Original Visa
Step 6: Pay College Tuition Fees 
Step 7: Fly to Mauritius

You are always welcome to Mauritius Admission & Visa Office at KumarDirect - GF 54/57 , Avishkar Complex , Near Vidhyut Nagar , Old Padra Road, Vadodara

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